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Know our benefits for this month of January and start the year with the right foot.


  • Implants 540 USD

Valid for new and old patients. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts. These promotions are subject to assessment and a panoramic radiograph is necessary to carry out a correct assessment. The cost of the valuation is not included in the promotion. Does not include tomography, panoramic radiography, or regenerative materials. Does not apply to Nobel implants.

Valid in all our national headquarters (Except in Medellin and Cedritos). Valid until February 28, 2018.


  • Orthodontics with Aesthetic Braces 860 USD - Orthodontics with Metallic Braces 550 USD

Valid for new and old patients Not cumulative with other promotions, nor discounts. All our procedures are subject to valuation. The promotion does not include panoramic radiography or an orthodontic package, which are required to start treatment. To make the promotion effective, the patient must pay 40% of the orthodontics. In the Orthodontic promotion of $ 1,600,000, it applies to brackets with conventional technique and in Orthodontics, $ 2,500,000 does not apply to self-ligating braces. None of the orthodontics includes the value of the retainers.

Valid in venues: Chicó, Salitre, Cali, Kennedy, Americas, Nice, Portal 80, Fontibón, Ibagué, Galleries, Suba, Chía, Centro Mayor and Tunja. Not applicable for offices in Medellín, Calima, Usaquen, Restrepo, Cartagena and Cedritos. Valid until February 28, 2018.


  • Start plan 57 USD

Enjoy and start the year with the right foot. Assessment with our specialists, Hygienic Phase, Panoramic X-ray, initial photos and Periodontics Kit for $ 165,000.
If the patient requires scaling and smoothing, the value of the hygienic phase is paid and the patient must pay the surplus.

Valid in all our National venues (Except in Medellin and Cedritos). Valid until February 28, 2018.

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