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Dr. Marlon Becerra is one of the leading dentists in Colombia and Latin America, thanks to his contributions in dentistry, specifically in cosmetic dentistry, the field in which he is a pioneer and has been led mostly by.

Currently entrepreneur and pioneer in his field, Dr. Becerra has contributed to dentistry techniques and theories in the management of color, shape and appearance of teeth in the area of ​​dental aesthetics. Graduated from the Colegio Odontológico Colombiano in Bogotá (Colombia) and specialized in Dental Aesthetics from New York University (U.S.A.), he was the first to apply LASER in Latin America, being chosen to receive training in Tel-Aviv (Israel).

In 1985, he established his private practice of dentistry, to which he gave names Unidad de Estética Dental. His practice strengthened and expanded as soon as he surrounded himself with other specialists in the profession. Today, Headquarters and branches use the name Odontología de Marlon Becerra. This is where he applies his knowledge aforementioned in cosmetic dentistry, combining it with his experience in theater and television, supported by a group of trained specialists in all areas.

Throughout his career, Dr. Becerra is committed to maintain a responsible social role in educating people in everything related to oral health and cosmetic dentistry. His knowledge and academic assistance have been reported throughout the country. So much so that today he is the program director of Continuing Education at New York University in cosmetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation Colombia, where he is also a lecturer because of his knowledge, practice and international recognition.

Today, Odontología de Marlon Becerra has under his direction more than 500 people who all work for the same purpose, the oral health as a pleasant and high-quality experience. With 27 offices in different cities in Colombia, we have become responsible for the smile of millions of people, including 16 Miss Colombia, hundreds of actors, models and personalities worldwide.

At the same time, Dr. Becerra combines his profession with his passion for TV. He participated in the three seasons as the official dentist of the reality show Extreme Makeover, the RCN channel program derived from the American reality show Extreme Makeover from ABC network. He is currently director and anchorman of the television program MARLON BECERRA INTERVIEWS on channel RCN Internacional and Tele Caribe channel, with 12 years of broadcasting.

OUR team

Odontología de Marlon Becerra has a prestigious team of specialists in all areas of dentistry. Highly qualified, suitable and competitive professionals become part of the team after passing a rigorous selection process.

Our mission is to make of specialized dentistry a pleasant and top quality experience, designed to preserve and rehabilitate the oral health, maintaining a natural aesthetic, within a framework of safety and satisfaction for patients with a qualified and competitive human talent.